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  • Ice Dyeing T-Shirts (#11506)

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    Tuesday 2-4pm & Wednesday 4-5, November 5 & 6, 2019


    Working with powdered dyes, this requires 2 shorter sessions to allow time for the dye to set. Session 1 will be selecting the size of cotton shirt (medium, large, or x-large), pre-soaking the shirt, then applying the ice and dyes of your color choices. We’ll label each tub with your name and leave them set for the ice to melt. Return the next day to rinse your shirt and take it with you to dry. Please wear old clothes or an apron as dyeing can be a little messy sometimes.


    I will supply gloves, shirts, ice, dyes and tubs.


    Instructor: Bev Thorne, Mulch & More Crafts

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    Class limited to 8 students.

    Class fee is $40.