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  • Knitting Tips & Techniques (#11603)

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    Wednesday, 10 AM to Noon, November 6.

    This class will go over several techniques that will put a finishing touch on your knitted project.

    We will look at:

    • Matching cast-on and cast-offs.
    • Finishing techniques, including Kitchener stitch, weaving in, and three needle bind off.
    • Joining techniques for changing colors or adding a new skein, including duplicate stitch, Russian join, knit-in join, and felted joins.


    • Knitting needles size 7 or 8
    • 1 ball/skein of worsted weight yarn
    • A yarn needle
    • Possibly reading glasses

    The instructor will supply necessary tools for those that do not have any.


    Instructor: Ashley Reif

              Instructor Info

    Class limited to 8 students.

    Class fee $30 includes written instructions & 2 balls of yarn. Students should bring their own #7 circular or straight needles for worsted weight.