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  • Playing with Color - Dyeing a Silk Scarf (#11605)

    SKU: 11605

    Wednesday – 9am-12pm, November 6, 2019


    We will explore colors to be obtained from a palette of warm and cool primaries and learn some different techniques to apply them. After heat setting and ironing dry you will have a new scarf for your wardrobe or to gift. Students should wear old clothes or bring an apron or smock. Also please bring an old towel to help with any spills and wet hands


    Instructor: Bev Thorne, Mulch & More Crafts

              Instructor Info

    Class is limited to 8 students

    Class fee is $50. Supplies included in class fee - 1 silk scarf, dyes, mixing cups, brushes, gloves, paper towels, & heat setting. If time allows and you want to dye more than one, more scarves will be available to purchase.