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Spinning on Appalachian Great Wheels (#11607)

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Wednesday 1-4pm, November 6, 2019


This class will teach you how to spin on my two Appalachian Great Wheels, (1800-1850 vintage). Sally Malnar, Judith Eick and Jeannie Roteman-Bustle will also have their great wheels and will demonstrate. You will learn about their history, discover the art of spindle driven wheels using fibers available in the early 1800’s. Preparation, adjustment of the Wheel, splicing and sewing the drive belt cotton band, wheel maintenance, learning how to ply, and how twists per inch (TPI) and fiber choices influence yarn dimension, will be discussed. As you spin, the rhythm of the Walking Wool Wheel soothes your worries, and you feel a connection with our ancestral heritage.


Instructor: Michelle Teno 

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Number of students: 10 maximum

Charge to student: $ 50    Includes handouts and fiber for spinning during class.