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  • Color to Dye For! (#11501)

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    Tuesday, 10 am - 4 pm, November 5.


    A hands-on class on dyeing with common local plants. Morning session will cover the history of dyeing, information about common local dye plants including plants that the colonials would have used, a show & tell on plant and colors produced with different mordants and hands on prep of plant material. In the afternoon you will do the cooking of the dye and hands on dyeing process with wool and drying of the wool. There will be an optional small project you may do with the wool you dyed. Some wool will be provided or you may bring a small amount of your own wool or natural yarn to dye.

    There will be a break for lunch. You may bring your own or purchase lunch from the camp.


    Instructor: Louise Jensen

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    Class limited to 8 students.

    Class Fee $40 Includes hand-out and all materials.